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Post date: 13-Feb-2013 21:27:11

I developed the missing poster tool in August 2012 as the direct result of a large search for two missing people. As a veteran Search and Rescue volunteer, I've been intimately involved with missing persons cases for many years, often in the early hours of when the subject disappeared. As a member of a SAR team I've created these posters based on photographs that family and friends have given us, and sometimes just a quick snapshot of the driver's license.

In these stressful and busy hours of the initial search it is critically important to get the information on a missing person out to the public, and in urban searches the public are the best chance of finding the subject.

Watching SAR volunteers and other professionals struggle through editing an image and printing a poster made me think that there should be a better way. There are Microsoft Word templates designed for this, as there are enterprise systems, but these two solutions are often beyond the access and ability of a front line SAR worker.

The MissingPoster tool fills in the gap and provides a simple way to gather the information, prompting the user for the pertinent details, and allowing them to generate the poster in a variety of formats suitable for distribution by Social Media, email and in print.

MissingPerson is free to use, modify and distribute under the terms of it's license, and no money can be charged for it.

I've created this web site to support the tool, document it and provide information on its further development.

I really do hope you find it useful, and if you do please contact me and let me know.

If you have suggestions on how to improve it, or want to assist me in developing new features, do not hesitate to get in touch.