Basic Use

When the program starts you are presented with the main window which prompts the user for relevant details. You can fill in an many or as few of the details you like.


The image can be loaded into the program in the following ways.

  • drag and drop
  • copy and paste
  • choose the "Load Image" toolbar button
  • choose "Browse" to browse for the image.

Text Fields

All of the text fields can be as long as you need; the limit for the number of characters is very large. However, printing the output on the form has some limitations. You can experiment with how much text you can add


The first name of the subject can contain a middle and other names if wanted. We advise nicknames be included in quotes, and "AKA" be included to indicate "Also Known As"

Height and Weight

The Height and Weight field are not numeric and have no specific format. They are "free text". You can type in feet and inches, metric, or any other units you like. You can use terms like "about", or "average". You can use descriptive terms like "thin" or "stocky

Dates and Times

The date editor can be used in two ways.

  • You can use the date picker to browse through the calendar to pick the date.
  • You can type directly into the fields. Use numeric keys for month; January=1, February=2 etc.

each field is editable separately

The checkbox on the Date picker and Time picker controls indicates whether you know the date or time in question. For instance, if you do not know someone's date of birth, you do not check the box. You can enter an approximate age in the "Age" box.

Similarly for time, if you know the date last seen but not the time, do not check the box and the time should not be displayed.


The description field is one of the most important fields in the software. It can contain specific description of how the missing person became missing. It can also contain a more detailed description including hair and eye colour, and complexion. Include details like scars, marks, tattoos, and whether the subject wears glasses, has a beard, or other distinguishing marks.