The following features are planned for future releases of Missing Poster.

If you are a developer who understands C# and .NET development, I would be interested in working with you if you wish to donate your time to this project.

The code is open source, so feel free to go to the CodePlex repository and take a look, and see if you're interested in contributing your time.

HTML output

The plan for this feature is to generate a static HTML-CSS-JavaScript single web page from the missing poster template.

The HTML would be generated according to some template.

Social media integration

This feature would allow the software to post directly to Social Media.

The feature would upload the missing person poster as an image to Social Media where it would be shared.

    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Google+

Email integration

The software would send email with the poster as an attachment directly.

This is perhaps the most common way to share a poster right now.

The current system is to create the output and switch to an email program, write the email, and attach the document.

Simple photo editing

The idea behind this feature is that some missing person photos come from family photographs, and when

they are delivered they need a little processing to make them suitable for a poster. The processing is quite

simple and people shouldn't have to know how to use an image editing package to get this part of the task


    • rotate
    • crop
    • sharpen

Image Acquisition

This feature would see the software be able to scan or capture an image to use in the poster directly from

a camera or scanner. A lot of time is wasted when creating these posters while wrestling with the scanner software.

    • scanner
    • camera

Geocoded address data

This feature was a suggestion from @pjdohertygis

If the address information is geocoded, or the person inputting the data manually adds a latitude and longitude, this

spatial information can be used to locate the poster on a map for point last seen.

Generated imagery (jpg in particular) can include the location as metadata for this purpose.

Command line

A command line interface will allow Missing Poster to be called from scripting software and facilitate integration into other processes.

We are currently talking with at least one person about adding this feature.

Port to Linux and Mac

Some thought has been given to porting Missing Poster to Mac and Linux by using Mono.

More research is required.