The philosophy of the MissingPoster tool is that it should make your job easier.I don't want to give you another thing you need to learn how to use, I just want you to use it and move on.

One of the primary reasons this tool was designed was to make it easy to deal with missing person's photos, and to be able to add information to the poster as it becomes available.

    • Free
  • Simple, easy to use
  • Prompts the user for relevant details
  • Easy to add image to poster
    • cut and paste
    • drag and drop
    • click “browse” for file
  • Large, free text area for description and other details.
  • Height and weight as free text, including units
  • The poster is generated as a report,
    • reports can be customized for size, layout, font and other properties
    • can add and remove fields as necessary.
  • Save missing person information for archiving, retrieval and editing.
    • Save format is human readable XML.
    • Can be parsed by other software.
    • Schema available for interoperability.
  • Generate the poster in the following formats:
    • Common Image file formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF) for posting on social media
    • PDF – for emailing and printing
    • Word – for editing later
    • Excel
  • Print the poster
  • Available in installer or portable versions